August 2012


yes sir


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July 2012

I failed to see the seriousness of the situation
I failed to see the vacation you’d be taking
always departing to different locations
hidden destinations, were your emancipation from procrastination
I didn’t see the complications I’D be facing
I was complacent with the mistakes that i was making
and the promises i was breaking
i was forsaking our unification
the complications have got me escaping chases
the loss of occupation has me facing cases
lack of communication has me hating races
but, i ain’t racist
I’m a player, I hate hating
but, i hate that i ain’t dating
I can’t find a girl that ain’t perpetrating 
and depressed due to separation
or into chronic masterbation
it takes contemplation of interpretation 
it causes so much frustration
when you lack the sensation of a sexual education
but i ain’t supposed to say shit
even though there is sex in animation
and your kids are watching cartoon fornication
its an abomination, without explanation
whats so wrong with humans mating in dictation
as long as you use the correct pronunciation 
with the proper punctuation
to describe penetration
and what happened to adaptation?
you act like I’m trying to corrupt the nation!
to me that’s discrimination
and it causes agitation with my generation
cause you were in participation 
of the consumation
through the duration
now? here? your in fear of a mental patient?
who you refuse to take to the crazy station
and instead you keep issuing disorderly conduct violations
knowing my broke ass can’t pay the citations
which leads to my arrest and incarceration
because the prosecuter suggested an out of home placement
so i guess, its an open and shut case, type of situation
3 years locked up 4 years probation
where do you think i got my wild imagination?
so much time for self reflection
and learning about the lords death and resurrection
so here’s my projection and proclamation
your conversations, were exaggerations 
promising me visitations
let me share with you a quotation from a notation
"lies are the foundation for devastation!" 
you cant break me with deprivation and isolation
I’m a unique creation
and if it’s any consolation
i have already cut off my ankle bracelet 
and I’m pacing in your basement
with a whole case of mace, just waiting for motivation
to run up your steps and collect, my reparation
I have made all the necessary preparations
for disposal of the body, and household sterilization
I’ll never get caught, my murder weapons have a rotation
and a body tied to bricks has zero flotation
the only thing more Fucked up, is the realization 
that this is not a dramatization
let there be NO mis-interpretation
my words are statements
there is no reconciliation
only murder for recreation
especially since I’m impatient 
and off my medication!

By: My Very Good Friend Joe